Justice League as jazz-age vigilantes

On DeviantArt, Genesischant has a great "Jazz Age Justice League" poster complete with back-stories for all the reimagined, Gatsby-era vigilantes. I especially love Wonder Woman as a flapper, and the Green Lantern as a soldier-turned-jazz-musician-turned-crimefighter.

The J.L.A. is a borderline legal bounty-hunter/vigilante group with limited governmental sanction ("Department of Justice Licensed Agency"). Made up of individuals from various walks of life, all are committed to the take-down of the rising criminal empires that threaten America.

Jazz Age Justice League (via The Mary Sue)


        1. Batman used a gun in a few of the first comics (though it wasn’t all the time, only once or twice), it wasn’t until late 1939/early 1940 that the person editing the first all Batman comic put the kibosh on him ever using one.

    1. He confiscated that from Jimmy the Joker. It shoots a little flag that says “bang!” (then fires that little flag right through your heart).

      1. Trophy he takes everywhere as a lucky charm (or reminder to all the crooks he goes head ot head with that he is just that tough.)

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