Leatherman multi-scissors for medics

Leatherman has announced the Raptor, a set of folding multi-scissors for medics, which include "a carbide glass breaker, a ring cutter, a ruler, an oxygen tank wrench and strap cutters that can be deployed one-handed." It'll be out in May 2013.

Leatherman Raptor For Medics


  1. I’m not really a huge fan of multitools. I have a nice mid-size Leatherman but it just isn’t that useful to me.

    But this… this speaks to me. Esoteric tools I would probably never actually use for their intended purpose. Even less useful to me than a regular Leatherman. I want it.

    1.  I was given a Leatherman for Christmas two years ago, I use it every second day at work at least, perhaps you aren’t in the right demographic.

      1. Oh, no, I am in the right demographic. And I do use my Leatherman – I keep it in my car and am glad to have it. But otherwise, I just use specific normal tools because the compromises are annoying. 

  2. I’m guessing that’s a “carbiDe” glass breaker… because otherwise, I’m apparently missing out on a weaponized glass implementation that’s so widespread that medics feel the need to deal with it.

  3. The $5 cuts-thru-a-penny scissors that medics use and abuse to death are great precisely because they’re disposable.  Replacing that with an $80 pair kind of defeats the purpose…

  4. I have a couple of pairs of the cheap stamped-metal EMT shears (aka trauma shears, crash scissors, etc) and they are useful for lots of non-medical tasks. But isn’t the point of them that they are disposable if contaminated? I don’t see medical professionals taking the time to disassemble this tool and clean out the icky bodily fluids after each use.

  5. It folds up and can be conveniently carried; just like any “multi-tool”. What that means is that you’ll be more likely to have tools like scissors, a glass breaker and oxygen tank wrench than you would otherwise. This isn’t meant to replace $5 crash shears that every ambulance is stocked with; It’s meant to make these tools more readily available to the carrier.

    Multi-Tool owners don’t throw away their pliers, screwdrivers and knives when they buy a Leatherman because those individual tools are better than the ones in the small package. But, I’m more likely to have a multi-tool on my person when I’m hiking in the woods than I am to have a tool box with my single use items.

  6. I want a software developer’s multi-tool.  It needs a USB stick, a pistachio-cracking tool, a straight edge for doodling and charts, and something to open obnoxious plastic packaging.

  7. I do have a bit of a multitool fetish, and even though I would hopefully have no real use for most of these functions except simple scissor cutting, I kind of want one. Mostly, though, I think that I just want a Mass Effect-type omnitool, or a Kirbyesque mother box.

  8. As an emt, and nearly medic, on duty this probably wouldn’t be used often as all tools are readily available on the “bus”, but for off duty it would be great! Most people don’t wear ems pants with our trauma shears and other gadgets on a daily basis so this would be great when not on the job….either way….I WANT!!

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