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7 Responses to “Rockabilly pioneers Johnny & Jimmy (1956)”

  1. CSBD says:

    The people in the background seem “confused”….
    The woman in the grey dress could be thinking “OMG WTF is this “noize”… thank god my kids wont be listening to this…

    (I wonder what she thought when her kids were listening to Skynrd 20 years later…)

  2. Bob Knetzger says:

    Capo on a Tele– now THAT’S country!

  3. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Needs Bollywood treatment.

  4. Uncle Geo says:

    Of course I can’t think of rockabilly and expert geetar pickin’ without thinking of the late great Danny Gatton who also excelled in jazz and blues. If you like guitar player’s guitar players and haven’t heard of  Danny Gatton I can only say “you’re welcome”.


  5. B E Pratt says:

    Whoa! Wait a minute! At the end, was that really the Jordanaires????? That’s what I thought I heard…

  6. I was just at the country music hall of fame in Nashville and they have some clips of these dudes playing. smokin solo.