Sponsor shout-out: ShanaLogic, font t-shirt, and big sale today!


Special thanks to our wonderful sponsor ShanaLogic, sellers of handmade and independently-designed jewelry, apparel, gifts, and other curious creations! There's an endless aisle of great gifts in stock at Shana's shop, including this elegant "7 Deadly Sans" t-shirt available in mens and ladies styles. Today (Monday 11/26) Shana is also holding a Super Sale with more than 250 items at 50% off! ShanaLogic


  1. How hip you should be to wear a T-shirt with a joke which works only when you tell how your shirt design is named?

    1. Why does this bother you? I don’t think this classifies as hipster style. It is more geek style than anything else. Fonts comprise both technology and culture. I really don’t see much of a difference from this shirt design versus a shirt design that features a caffeine molecule. And if it is a Western worldview that thinks that featuring technology and culture on a shirt is appealing, then I’d be willing to embrace that.

      1. A geek would be knowledgeable about typefaces while still dressing normally. You’d have to be a typeface nerd to want to wear a shirt exclaiming how much you love typefaces.

      1. Shame on you for tricking me into a 2-hour wikipedia dive.

        But I did discover I like naskhi, and they would make a great shirt design.

        I do have to ask though, did you think my hoodie was a hijab?

  2. Amazing. Somehow, Shanalogic manages to sell shirts cut for the male form and the female form, while charging the same amount for each!  Hooray for gender equity!

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