The Christmas Whale: A depressing reminder of the importance of love


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  1. Henry Pootel says:

    Perhaps something like this…

  2. SedanChair says:

    Today In Anthropomorphism

  3. Itsumishi says:

    Entirely guessing here, but could this whale simply suffer some kind of mutation that results in its song coming out at a very different pitch? Just a freak one in a billion occurrence?

  4. Austin Burns says:

    Why is it called the Christmas Whale?

  5. Lee Wood says:

    Whale songs are thought to be learned and passed down through families of whales, and the obvious inference is that this one’s family was hunted until he’s the only one left. “Appreciate the love you have and give love in return?”  Meh.  How about one less maudlin and more practical – stop hunting whales to the brink of extinction.  

    • A) This is meant to be comically maudlin
      B) We don’t know that hunting is the reason this whale is lonely. Some of the other equally possible explanations include a deformity of the whale’s vocal tracts, deafness, or even that it’s an extremely rare hybrid of two whale species. 

  6. The above is Fish and Bird by Tom Waits

  7. sudoLoki says:

    Damn, got something in my eye.

  8. Sirkowski says:

    Can whales have bad breath?

  9. ThreeOranges says:

    Maybe he’s a rage whale, broadcasting his condemnation of all that is wrong with whale society. He’s going to get his revenge on them during a screening of The Dark Whale Rises. 

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