Tonger energy bars for strength

Guinness has competition. (Via Copyranter)


  1. I guess shooting down planes with slingshots is so commonplace in Egypt, that these two didn’t feel like showing any reaction to the, er, explosion, eh?

    1.  It wasn’t an elastic band, it was actually tempered niobium steel cable, painted to resemble surgical tubing.

  2. On one hand, I’m surprised by the number of stereotypes that are being played to here, presumably by the very same group they’re intended for in the first place.

    Then again, the funniest Polack jokes I’ve heard have been told to me by Polacks. :/

    1.  Oh come on now, Duke Leto… just because you might not have found the commercial in good taste doesn’t mean you can assume that energy bar tastes bad. That’s like assuming any energy bar from France contains snails or caviar.

  3. The production quality of the ad is somewhat lacking. In particular the acting is kind off. The script would indicate that the energy bar gives strength. But the bodily expression of the strength is lacking in the actor pulling the slingshot, which he only half heatedly pulls and wimpishly releases.

    To see how it’s done right, please consult this reference material:

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