Brain Rot: In Time For Christmas, M.E.M.E.S Action Figures!




  1. I don’t recognize the one with will smith or the one next to it that looks like a closed fist. Checked and I suppose the first is “Fresh prince of ________”

      1. Darn it, I was trying to figure out how to sign in and you beat me to it, but I still revealed that I recognized it.

  2. Chris Ware thinks of clever shit to put in the indicia all the time. And that’s Goatse next to Will Smith, you sicko.

    1. Chris Ware DOES put clever stuff in the indicia of his faux ads. You’re right. However, no goatse next to smitty. I might have to make people show their work, like in math class.

  3. So, showing my work: Google image search seems to produce newspaper images (halftone!) and gravestones (weird!).  So no help there. It’s a rather grainy image, but all of the other images are portraits, so let’s assume this one is, too. Not much apparent symmetry to the image, so it’s probably in profile. Let’s wait a minute for pareidolia to kick in…the large dark area looks kind of beardy in shape…I’m getting a strong Emmet Kelly vibe. The only clown-related meme that immediately springs to mind involves Juggalos and magnets. I can’t think of or find anything else clown-related that has the same kind of meme-status as the rest of the images, so I guess I’ll just leave it there…

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