Covert assassin weapons from North Korea

CNN reports on the arsenal discovered on the North Korean assassin arrested in Seoul last year: a poison-dart pen, a pen-pistol, a flashlight-gun, and more.

Disguised to look like a Parker ballpoint pen, it contains a poison needle and is practically impossible to identify as a weapon.

The second pen shoots a poison-filled bullet which penetrates the skin and releases the toxin and the third weapon is a flashlight, loaded with up to three bullets. They all look completely innocuous but all three will kill...

... That target was anti-North Korea activist, Park Sang-hak, who has since been given round-the-clock police protection by South Korean authorities. We showed Park the footage of the weapons intended for him. He was shocked.

'Poison' pen mightier than sword for would-be North Korean assassin (Thanks, polymorf!)


12 Responses to “Covert assassin weapons from North Korea”

  1. dioptase says:

    Kwon.  James Kwon.

  2. LinkMan says:

    I’m always clicking Parker pens three times and throwing them under my colleagues’ desks.   But nothing ever happens.

  3. efergus3 says:

    I wonder if they’re using ricin as the Soviets did or something faster like curare. Three to five days till death with ricin, one to twenty five minutes with curare.

  4. IronEdithKidd says:

    I’m thinking Dear Leader watched too damned many James Bond movies.

  5. Lexicat says:

    I dunno, seems like the Americans and Israelis have assassination down to a simple method of bomb/missile/drone strikes. No need for the covert fancy 007 stuff.

  6. soylent_plaid says:

    I’m sorry, I’ve got a problem here: the article title. 

    “‘Poison’ pen mightier than sword for would-be North Korean assassin

    Really?  You’re making puns about this?  This story is still about an activist being targeted for murder by his former country, right?

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