How many seconds until Rob Ford is gone?


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  1. Dan Hibiki says:

     How much would it cost to put up an actual countdown billboard?

  2. You realize he’s already promised to appeal the decision, right?   Just asking…

    • Halloween_Jack says:

      There’s a decent MetaFilter thread on this in which it’s stated (and linked to more thorough discussions of same) that, although Ford will probably appeal, the decision looks pretty airtight; apparently he doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room, and any chance that Ford had to mitigate the effects of what even some of his detractors are calling “a two-buck scandal” were lost by his typical, chronic intransigence.

  3. Heartfruit says:

    Montreal, Laval, London and Toronto. 2012 is shaping up to be the year Canadian mayor realize laws apply to them too.  I hear Winipeg might be next but not until the spring.

    I won’t be sad to see Ford go.  (Although I do expect it to take longer then 14 days given he’s sure to seek a say during appeal).  I don’t always agree with his policies but I don’t always disagree with his policies.  His personal style, however, drives me up the wall.  I could live with a right wing mayor but please, have a little class. 

  4. Radka says:

    Ford has stepped on a lot of toes – toes that belong to people who hold a lot of Toronto’s money. Whenever the media takes it upon itself to ceaselessly hound someone, it’s worth looking behind the scenes. And the fact that his weight was constantly derided (hello 1970?) and his football fumble was front page news… really? Makes you wonder now don’t it.

    • greebo says:

      Stepping on the toes of the people who hold a lot of Toronto’s money doesn’t appear to have made them drop it or anything. So that didn’t work out either.

      • Radka says:

         Actually it did. Did you look at the surplus in the city budget? That money that was left over wasn’t going into its usual pockets…

  5. Brad Bell says:

    Granted, I know nothing of this man, but I do think if he called himself Robert Ford and was actually a completely different person, he could make a great film director one day.

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