How Phoenix is becoming more like Minneapolis (and vice versa)


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  1. trace says:

    Father, forgive these dopes; for they know not what they do.

  2. ZA_SF says:

    We’ll continue to argue over what catalog grass variety will “complete” our space – the future of Phoenix is already written in its past. Nature bats last, and there is no method to appeal her verdict.

  3. How dare you blaspheme against Applebees!?!?!?!? Shame, shame, shame

  4. Sveden says:

    Comparing Minneapolis to Phoenix is about the cruelest article title I’ve ever seen you publish, Ms. Maggie.

  5. franko says:


  6. IronEdithKidd says:

    Shame on MNDNR for allowing wetlands to be filled without equal volume/s.f. mitigation.  I’m stunned there’s something Michigan is doing better than Minnesota.

  7. wysinwyg says:

    Great article, Maggie.  Always nice to see you published in higher-profile publications (not to dis the work you do here).

  8. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Costco Palm Springs (actually Palm Desert), late October:

    - Can you point me to the fertilizer?
    - Sorry, sir, the garden supplies have all gone for the winter to make room for Christmas items.

    To better understand this, the average daily high here on Halloween is 85°.  You can’t go outside to garden until the end of October.  I guess that you’re just supposed to buy all your gardening supplies and plants in spring and store them in the dining room for five months.

  9. eviladrian says:

    Nothing like living on “reclaimed” swamp land, until the next big storm hits and the swamp re-reclaims it…

  10. shawn feller says:

    We have not been conditioned or want everything to look the same…such design is not Darwinian capitalism in action…it’s due to poor planning, spineless politicians and architects and city planners who cannot think outside their programed little box of a brain…

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