Last wish of married lesbian soldier dying of breast cancer: "Let DOMA die before I do"

Charlie Morgan, a 47-year-old career soldier in the late stages of metastatic breast cancer, says she hopes to live long enough to see the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) overturned, so that her wife will receive the benefits that a widow in a hetero couple would receive. “I’m praying that they take it up soon,” Morgan told the Washington Post in a phone interview from her home in New Durham, NH “It’s my motivation for staying alive. I really need to be alive when they actually do overturn DOMA, otherwise Karen is not guaranteed anything.” Read the rest here.


  1. It’s sad but not at all surprising to read the WP comments and see that there are still people who disagree that this obvious injustice should be overturned.

    1. Incredibly disappointing, I agree. 

      And going through “similar” circumstances to this in my own life, I can’t imagine having to cope with the extra helping of shit sandwich they are given during the worst period in their lives.

      Have you ever accidently been on Yahoo “news” and read the comments afterwards? If you ever feel like racism, hate, and ignorance is diminishing in our country, just head on over to Yahoo to get a refresh of how bad our society really is.

    2. I know from experience that I’d never get a straight answer, assuming I’d get an answer at all, but I would still like to ask DOMA’s defenders how overturning it would harm them.

      I like to think I’m intellectually honest enough that if someone could offer a reasonable explanation of what good DOMA does, or why legalizing same-sex marriage would be bad, I’d at least give their arguments a great deal of thought, and possibly even reverse my own views.

      So far, though, the only argument I’ve heard in favor of DOMA is, “Well, it’s just the law”, and the only argument I’ve heard against same-sex marriage is “Well, it’s wrong because that’s what I believe.” And neither one of those is compelling enough for me to even consider them.

  2. Possibly when it’s overturned they will have to pay the back benefits?  I know we have to file provisional tax returns so that when DOMA is overturned we can get the taxes back, but death benefits probably don’t work the same way.  We have made so many strides over the last decade, this last election was so encouraging, but I think overturning DOMA is the key to winning the fight nationwide.

  3. So now you’re not just marking comments as deleted, you’re erasing them from existence too? Did you ever think to yourself that you wouldn’t censor polite discussion just because you disagree with the arguments being explored? I didn’t like them much either, but they were polite and well written and you’ve censored them because you don’t like them. I’m not using my usual identity now, because I expect this one to get banned any second now… You’re right, it’s your ball and you can take it home whenever you like.

    1. What part of “Allowing people to marry who cannot breed effectively dilutes marriage” is polite and well-written?

      It’s a tired, homophobic argument that belongs on Jerry Springer, not here. LGBT people read BB. Why should we be subjected to that?

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