Moment of Twitter zen: people arguing with typo-correction bot


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  1. Grey Devil says:

    Comedy gold.

  2. Mulayim says:

    Did you notice almost all of the victims are black? 

  3. patrace says:

    Not all of them, I present Rhode Island Senator, Jack Reed -

  4. mccrum says:

    I eagerly await the day when Twitter is only filled with typo correction bots, programmed by people who cannot spell, each correcting each other until the ultimate fail whale comes.  (I think you mean “fale wail.”)

  5. Brainspore says:

    So that’s the guy who keeps butting in every time I mention my secret hilltop lair.

  6. Christopher Friend says:

    Oh dear god please someone start a “sneak peak” bot to auto correct sneek peak’s sneek peeks to “sneak peak” and the recursive lulz may begin….

  7. EeyoreX says:

    It makes an interesting read because the reactions seem to vary a lot depending on what the respondents’s general attitude toward Twitter is. Those who don’t view twitter as a public forum tend to see the correction as an invasion of their privacy, even though they put their stuff out there acessable to all the world.

  8. Daneel says:

    What happens if I set up my own bot to automatically reply saying that I definitely meant sneak peak?

  9. Glippiglop says:

    Damn, I really wanted this to be a complete grammar nazi bot that would continue the conversation if the person responded with more spelling mistakes.  That type of design makes troll bots excel at what they do.

  10. My favourite was “How bout you get the fuck off my tweets! #dontgiveafuckchuck”

    It’s brilliant because of at least 2 reasons:

    1) “Get off my Tweets!” is simply an awesome phrase. We may be witnessing the early uses of the internet communities ‘Get off my lawn!’, or more to my taste, ‘Get ouf ma land!’.

    2) They clearly do give a fuck.

  11. Pardon me while I wander off to create a twitterbot that whines about twitterbots that use inch marks in place of quotation marks.

  12. the homophobia in the sampled response, pictured above, is also hi-phucking-larious as well…

  13. Gabriel Morgan says:

    What about the guy who writes ‘sneak peak’, get abusive, but uses ‘whom’ correctly?

    • Ipo says:

      “wtf?  fake ass page, get a life whom ever this is !” 
      Correctly?  Really? 

      • It’s a shame because, “Hark! This page is fraudulent; whomever this is, please reconsider your life choices.” would have been an awesome reply.

        • Ipo says:

          It would have been.  Besides “whomever” still being wrong. 
          “Whom is getting a life?  Him, who it is.” 
          “Who is getting a life?  He who is getting a life.” 
          Which one sounds right? 
          I am, generally speaking, bad with rules, so I can’t say why. 

          • Darn, you could well be right. However given that ‘Whomever’ is the subject of ‘this is’ I believe my usage to be correct – not that I’d like to bet on it – I dunno.

            [EDIT Even after checking I'm still not sure, English is so intuitive]

          • Kramski says:

            It would be correct if you wrote “to whomever this is: please consider your life choices.” Whom and it’s variants are the accusative and dative inflection of who. That means if it is the subject of the sentence, it can never be whom. Only if it is grammatically a dative or accusative object can there be whom.

          • It’s so obvious when you put it like that.

            Wait, what?

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            Who = subject.
            Whom = object.
            “Who gets a life”, not “whom gets a life.”

  14. Funk Daddy says:

    It’s always refreshing to see how much fucking, dick sucking, ass sucking and various orifice pleasing behaviour is present on a social network. It must be working to bring people together as promised!

    And so many people express a deep affection for mothers which is just precious.

  15. Jellodyne says:

    I like the word peak. I like to sneak peak into phrases, even if it doesn’t necessarily belong. I just gave you a little preview of what that would look like.

  16. Brings back memories of when somebody who was not very tech literate got subscribed to a tech oriented mailing list which I was on, probably by a troll. We got a torrent of abuse from him and quietly unsubscribed him.

    And BTW the solution to all these bots around the place may be to enforce a four year lifespan. I am sure that will go well.

  17. crenquis says:

    “He” has an accomplice:

    SneakPeak RT


    I retweet the people who don’t understand @StealthMountain.

    Stealth Mountain

  18. destroy_all_humans says:

    now i see the point in twitter

    • howaboutthisdangit says:

      ‘If your in America and you cant speak English plz leave #thankyou’

      ‘See you on the way out, it’s “you’re.”‘

      LOL.  Bookmarked.

  19. Zach Wagner says:

    I never get a sneak peek at anything…

  20. unsanityzombietron says:

    i got a sneak peek once…

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