TED Talks: 1,400 videos designed to give you an "aha!" moment


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  1. I’m surprised that TED is still using the non-commercial CC facet since they already give away the videos without ads.  Doesn’t their revenue come from conference admission sales?  Somebody should do a Free Culture talk for TED.

  2. robcat2075 says:

    The polished hipster-prophet tone of TED talks is what makes me dread watching them.

    • Ladyfingers says:

      Yeah, it’s all so slick as to arouse suspicion.  The Onion Talks series nailed it.


      • Kimmo says:

        As someone who’s far more impressed by content than delivery, I feel qualified to say: no.

        These Onion piss-takes totally miss the mark for me; aside from the fact many TED talks lack this supposedly essential hipster-prophet tone, they pretty much all feature something that can’t be faked, and is completely missing from this horribly cynical bit of nothing (that required a dismaying quantity of effort to produce): interesting content.

        This tiresome, world-weary line fashionably adopted by many constitutes an insult not just to the thousands of talented folks who’ve contributed to the presentation of ideas on TED, but also to the millions of viewers who keep returning for another bite-sized distillation of somebody’s hard work chasing something we all love: the ‘AHA’ moment.

        Looks to me like some folks can’t accept their own hipsterish cynicism and seek to project it onto others.

        • Kimmo says:

          The more I think about this…

          Hipster prophets… sheesh. That’s bloody egregious.

          The vast majority of TED presenters are flat-out proper fucking scientists, who’ve finally been afforded a popular stage to disseminate their fine work, and somehow that’s not good enough for – get this – folks who consider themselves part of Boing Boing’s demographic.

          FFS, I say.

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