Will Elder does Virgil Finlay


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  1. dioptase says:

    Look out!  He’s got a glass cutter!

  2. sean says:

    Will Elder is the only cartoonist (well, maybe Crumb on occasion) that could make me laugh out loud at a particular drawring. Not the joke, or the story it was for- they were usually “chicken fat” toss-ins of his own devising. The sheer ridiculousness of what was going on in the illustration is what did it. I remember a hayseed with a big grin cheerily hammering away at something with abandon, all his fingers covered in band-aids. Or the little gangster in old lady drag pushing the enormous gangster in a baby carriage. Or the border illustration he did for MAD magazine #29- a dozen good laughs there. Plus no one could duplicate a cartoonist’s style like Villy Elder. It’s a shame he (and Harvey Kurtzman) spent so many years on “Little Annie Fannie”.

  3. mikei says:

    Ah, two great illustrators.  I love all the great old EC artists, Elder’s definitely one of the best, and used to buy up every old Sci-Fi pulp I could find at the local used book store that had Finlay’s illustrations in them.  I liked them better than most of the (non-P.K. Dick) stories.

  4. Halloween_Jack says:

    I just love how he tosses in a gyroscope for the hell of it, or all the stuff tumbling out of a locket that couldn’t possibly hold most of it. Oh, and “GUM”. Heh.

  5. YA says:

    What kind of pervert this alien is

  6. kiptw says:

    And it’s for a story by Doodles Weaver, no less!

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