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11 Responses to “Extreme card flourishes”

  1. ObeyMyBrain says:

    Way too much camera movement in that video.

  2. welcomeabored says:

    I never want to play poker with those guys.  Wonder if the casinos have their pictures on file.

  3. phillsmiff says:

    Like most magicians who can’t do this stuff I am obliged to sneeringly deride it and point out that real audiences don’t give a damn and it actively damages your performance by showing your skill with a deck rather than allowing space for magic. Inside my head though: damn that is cool.

  4. bcsizemo says:

    Ironically their website asks for your email before they’ll tell you more about the deck…

    • Xuth says:

      I don’t find it ironic, I find it annoying enough that I’m not going to go any further.  It turned my experience from “that’s cool enough that I’ll actually follow that advertisement” to “fuck you, I’ll take my eyes (and potentially dollars) elsewhere”.

  5. Brett Myers says:

    I may be alone here, but I just find most card flourishes pretty lame.

  6. deadbot says:

    How the hell do these guys find the time to work out AND practice card flourishes?

    I’ll be impressed when the drug tests come back negative.

  7. I can do that but I don’t want to.