Guess how many House Committee Chairs will be white men this year

One hundred percent.


    1. Democrats.  Thanks to gerrymandering after the 2010 census and teaparty takeover of the redistricting process that year though, winning a majority of votes last month didn’t earn the Democrats a majority of the house seats.

          1. If the cascade had started off phrased differently, the answer to each of the succeeding questions (presumably with similar phrasing) would have been “100%,” which seems more effective and requires less “well, but you see…” explaining after. Not your fault, of course.

          2.  No reply button on the reply, so I reply to myself.

            If phrased as “the percentage of white men who have walked on the Moon,” the answer is a very low percentage and requires a cumbersome footnote.

            If phrased as “the percentage of those who have walked on the Moon who are white men,” the answer is 100%. No footnote.

            Obviously, you pick the one that’s most impressive to you.

          3. Fair enough, I left it as an exercise to the reader to explain the joke to themself and you get an A+.

            But if anything requires explaining it’s what the inital commenter intended with his remark as I can interpret his words in multiple ways.

  1. Blame the Democrats. They replaced a black Republican in Florida with an old white guy. They also defeated a Republican woman of color in Utah with an old white guy.

    1. Chairmanships are generally assigned by seniority.  Neither of those people had, or would have had a shot.  And the GOP house has essentially no long-serving women or minorities with any sort of clout.

      1. Didn’t you get the memo?  Democrats are to blame for every bad thing.  Bush bailed out Wall Street in Obama’s 2008 Liberal Power Grab, for example.

      2. It’s called a “strategy”. Can you say “strategy”?

        Edit – this wasn’t meant to be insulting to unclemike but to the millions of fucking idiots who fall for it.

    2. Blame the Democrats. They replaced a black Republican in Florida with an old white guy. They also defeated a Republican woman of color in Utah with an old white guy.

      They were both hard-right crazies. So blame the Tea Party, and its ilk.

  2. Now don’t blame the Republicans.  They’re still in the post-election debriefing mode, trying to determine what went wrong with their message. If only they could figure out how to convince people that they’ve learned what needs to be changed in how they conduct politics.  The lessons are there, if only they could decode them.

          1. I agree, but I’m not Spider-Man. Please elaborate on what actual power I have and how exactly you know that I personally have such power and the opportunity to use it.

          2. If you’re a white man (or a non-white man, or a white woman) and you can’t see how relatively empowered certain social categories automatically make you, there’s nothing I can do towards your edification in the space of a comment thread.

          3. People are individuals. You can’t logically attribute characteristics to them based on perceived membership in arbitrarily defined groups.

            Money is power. I have (relatively) no money. Political influence is power. I have no actual political influence. Organization is power. I’m introverted, generally asocial, and don’t have time for activism. Violence can be power. I’m a pacifist.

            Social change requires asserting leverage to force those in power to comply with the wishes of those pushing for change. I have no leverage.

          4. If anything, the internet has taught me that it is always your fault, based on your gender and skin color and the implications thereof   What gender or skin color that is varies depending on the site, however.

        1. It’s perfectly simple. Most powerful people are white men, therefore most white men are powerful people.

          1. When you put it like that it…… well, it doesn’t actually make sense, but it has a sort of lopsided false symmetry.

  3. How wasteful.  Inanimate chairs would be much cheaper and likely make for more comfortable seating also.  Even a fine well-padded oaken chair would require much less maintenance than a white male.

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