Hacker High: free lessons to teach kids to pwn their stuff

Pete sez, "Hacker Highschool, Security Awareness for Teens is releasing version 2 of its popular Hacking Lessons to teach teens how to be more resourceful, creative, and in control of the things they own. All this while providing practical security and safety techniques. This open, free project is a relaunch of the lessons first published in 2004. Over 60 volunteers have been working months to provide a total of 23 lessons. The first of which has been released today, 'Lesson 1, Being a Hacker'."


  1. I was literally talking just last night about an idea to teach a computer security class to “at risk” teens in an after school program at a community center. The idea is to get ten boys and ten girls, teach them two hours a day twice a week for six weeks in gender-separated classes, then bring them together for four weeks of gender-mixed team challenges. The instructors would be more like coaches then classroom teachers. Students would pair up on computers to learn the basic skills throughout the course, though some challenges may require each student to “drive their own”. The kids would have ample real-world reasons to be learning the topics in the course, and would be introduced to professional sysadmins, programmers and pen testers during the course. 

    I wonder how that compares to the way the Hacker Highschool programs have been run and what we could learn from them…

  2. As one of the contributing authors I would strongly suggest you get in touch with Glenn Norman of the HHS project – you can contact him via ISECOM.  He has just gone through an exercise with kids, so he’ll have some ready experience for you.

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