Never mind: Kasdan and Kinberg might be writing different Star Wars things, not Episodes VIII and IX

A week ago, we found out that Disney-Lucasfilm had chosen screenwriters Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan -- who wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi -- to write the final two installments of the new Star Wars trilogy. While it had seemed all but confirmed at the time, (which had confirmed Michael Arndt as the writer of Episode VII) never had an official announcement. Maybe because Kasdan and Kinberg weren't hired to write those sequels after all. Instead, they will be taking on different projects with Star Wars characters that would better be described as spinoffs than sequels. So, per last week's post: Never mind!

This is all part of Disney-Lucasfilm's big plans to create a whole Star Wars franchise of movies, similar to Marvel (also owned by Disney) and The Avengers, with new films every year (possibly) featuring different tales from different parts of the Star Wars universe. In the meantime, the other Episodes will still happen, most likely tying together the separate stories (à la Iron Man, Captain America, etc. and The Avengers) that it appears that Kasdan and Kinberg might be working on. That's all just a guess, but as a fan fiction connoisseur, I find this to be a super fun subject of speculation. Like how it might be entirely possible that Boba Fett gets his own movie.

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Lawrence Kasdan & Simon Kinberg Writing Star Wars Spin-Offs Instead? [Superhero Hype]


  1. I’m glad I don’t own any stocks in Disney, this all sounds terrible.  The first Star Wars movies were enjoyable only because of the freshness for the whole genre.  I’m not a fan of the last 3, and unless they can re-boot with something mind-blowing, then ..  why??

    Even the new Star Trek has stumbled, feels like 5 years since it came out, I’ve lost some interest in the next one already.

    God forbid the first new Star Wars movies is all about Yoda’s awkward teen years in high school, 3’4″, warty, and misdiagnosed with a speech impediment.

  2. Making episode VII and VIII is a stupid idea. They should make Knights of the Old Republic with young directors, young writers and no baggage from the original trilogy. Bringing back the old crew will turn this project into another Kingdom of the Crystal skull. 

  3. NCSI Alderaan.  Made a little more poignant by the knowledge of what will eventually happen to the whole planet.  With sunglasses and slouching.

    Diary of a Wimpy Padawan

    Cargo Ship Park Boys, with Ricky, Bubbles and Yoda

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