Maily: an email app for kids that isn't dumbed down


9 Responses to “Maily: an email app for kids that isn't dumbed down”

  1. nosehat says:

    “And to reply, they just have to log into their Maily dashboard online.  It’s that simple.”

    Perhaps it would be simpler to let them reply from their email client?

  2. Miss Angela says:

    Anyone have suggestions for similar Android apps? I bought a Nexus 7 for my niece and am looking for a basic kids email app like this.

  3. Ramone says:

    Nevermind the app–I want that kid’s castle! Where can I get it?!!

  4. Stefan Jones says:

    If the camera angle was angled just a little bit to the right, and the sailboat was placed on top of that blue bin, then this scene would be right out of a Wes Anderson movie.

  5. David Howard says:

    Looks like the Fisher-Price castle from the early 00′s. Don’t know if they make it any more.

  6. Clevername says:

    I assumed kids were just born with Gmail accounts these days.

  7. Not dumbed down?  Cripes, I gave my daughter a netbook with Thunderbird when she was six.   It wasn’t a problem.

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