Maily: an email app for kids that isn't dumbed down

MailyHomelifeMaily is a fun way for kids of 4 and up to stay in touch with their relatives by email. It's a free iPad app that allows parents to set up a list of email recipients, in the form of headshots. Your kid can create images by mixing photos, freehand drawing, and drag-and-drop skip art onto the screen, then send it to a recipient by tapping their headshot.

Paranoid parents can use a setting that shunts their kid's incoming email into their own inbox, so they can make sure grandma didn't send an off-color joke before forwarding it to junior.

The design and ease-of-use are excellent. I wish Gmail was more like this!



  1. “And to reply, they just have to log into their Maily dashboard online.  It’s that simple.”

    Perhaps it would be simpler to let them reply from their email client?

    1. I had the same reaction.  “Nice job, devs. Oh, I can’t just reply from my email client?  Nevermind.”

    2. That was my reaction too.  It look like the ‘dashboard’ lets you create “Replies are especially designed to appeal to kids, in a visual and colourful manner.” (according to their website) 

  2. If the camera angle was angled just a little bit to the right, and the sailboat was placed on top of that blue bin, then this scene would be right out of a Wes Anderson movie.

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