Millionaire artist Stanley Marsh 3 of "Cadillac Ranch" fame accused of sexually abusing boys

Image: Cadillac Ranch, via Wikipedia

Police in Texas today issued an arrest warrant for Stanley Marsh 3, the patron behind Ant Farm's 1970s public art installation known as Cadillac Ranch.

The Amarillo-based millionaire is accused of six counts of child sexual assault and five counts of sexual performance by a child involving two victims.

In recent months, the artist and prankster has also been on the receiving end of lawsuits that allege he paid teenage boys to perform sexual acts, including one case in which he is charged with having provided a boy with drugs and alcohol.

In the 1990s, he was accused of multiple acts of imprisonment and sexual harassment of underage boys. In one case, he was accused of confining a teenage boy "in a chicken coop while wielding a hammer, then humiliating him by taking and distributing photographs of him in the coop." Those cases were all settled out of court.

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(via Greg Mitchell)