Rough drafts of Chris Brown's inevitable "return to Twitter" tweet


6 Responses to “Rough drafts of Chris Brown's inevitable "return to Twitter" tweet”

  1. Halloween_Jack says:

    My instinctive reaction to anything dealing with Chris Brown is to suggest that he simply be ignored in order to speed him to the obscurity that he richly deserves, but this was very funny and on the point.

  2. dethbird says:

    Charlie Brown is returning to Twitter?!!

  3. vivajeffvegas says:

    I love how he takes the high road by using the word feces, class act.

  4. feetleet says:

    Oh come now. Even animals have feelings…

    That’s why we kill them quickly.  Adrenaline tastes yucky  

  5. Wayne Dyer says:

    Jenny has been hammering away at Brown for ages, and it’s amazing to see it punch through.  If you’re a celebrity you’ve got to have a thick twitter-skin, and it’s revealing that Brown doesn’t.

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