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"Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself." -- George Bernard Shaw

When we started Boing Boing, our mission was to make a zine and a blog that we wanted to read ourselves. And when we launched the Apps for Kids podcast, the idea was to review apps that kids and parents could both enjoy.

When we started thinking about a Boing Boing website for kids, we planned to call it Boing Boing Kids. But we wanted it to be interesting to kids and their parents, so we changed our mind and called it Boing Boing Family instead.

Launched today, Boing Boing Family covers entertainment, technology, and culture, with a focus on the parent/child experience. From DIY activities like "How to make a stop-motion cartoons" or "Building your own jug band instruments," to reviews of products and apps that keep families connected through technology, Boing Boing Family is a launch pad for parents and kids to have a great time together -- learning, exploring, playing, and being creative.

Jerry Seinfeld once famously quipped, “There’s no such thing as ‘fun for the whole family.’” Boing Boing Family proves him wrong.

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  1. Ah, I have no problem giving my child books I would not read myself, our tastes in books don’t always agree… but I get the sentiment behind the saying, and agree with that!

    I love doing and building things together with my daughter, and I have gotten so many good ideas from BoingBoing, too (I was just today reading article about the Make 3D printer issue with the thought of it perhaps being time to get one… you know, to do stuff with my daughter, always a good excuse! :) ). So I’m really looking forward to reading Boing Boing Family!

  2. As a child I had many of the books in the picture above. It’s nice to see them again. They were actually my dad’s. He used them for reference when he wrote and illustrated a syndicated comic strip called “Dr. Funshine,” which ran all around the country in the early 1960’s. It was a DIY science experiment comic, starring Dr. Funshine who bore a striking resemblance to Einstein. I’ve looked all over for more information on the strip, only finding brief mentions in the ethers. 

  3. K, this might be a kind of stoopid question. Will the bB:f posts be part of the general bB feed, or are they kept separate? I see they’ve been tagged on the bB:f page, but I don’t seem to see any of them in my RSS.

  4. And from a parent who was avoiding BB because of a certain contributors fetishes that are adult-only oriented, I’m glad to see you do this Mark!  I felt the site wasn’t approachable for my kids.  That coupled with the new contributors fetish with Hollywood and the Entertainment Indu$try (Mainstream TV and Movies only, it seems), I felt my days even visiting BB were numbered… now maybe not.  Thanks again!  Cory, Mark and Pesco – please keep the good content flowing!!!

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