Why copyright trolls will have a hard time shaking down Canadians

Michael Geist sez, "Over the past couple of days, there have been multiple reports about the return of file sharing lawsuits to Canada, with fears that thousands of Canadians could be targeted. While it is possible that many will receive demand letters, it is important to note that recent changes to Canadian copyright law limit liability in non-commercial cases to a maximum of $5,000 for all infringement claims. In fact, it is likely that a court would award far less - perhaps as little as $100 - if the case went to court as even the government's FAQ on the recent copyright reform bill provided assurances that Canadians "will not face disproportionate penalties for minor infringements of copyright by distinguishing between commercial and non-commercial infringement.""

Why Liability Is Limited: A Primer on New Copyright Damages as File Sharing Lawsuits Head To Canada


      1.  https://torrentfreak.com/nhls-montreal-canadiens-accused-of-pirating-the-hurt-locker-110928/

        pretty sure BoingBoing covered it as well, but the link escapes my GoogleFu atm.

        Icing on cake…

        Forgive me not linking to it before, but I read tons of these stories and lawsuits trying to help people targeted by Copyright trolls.  My memory is chock full of these little balls of fail.

  1. Maximum of $5K eh?  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many hours of copyright attorney fees that buys you?

    Because as we all know, the whole “copyright lawsuit” industry is all about principle and not profit, amirite?

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