Arduino's co-creator explains electronic circuits for absolute beginners

Massimo Banzi is the co-creator and CEO of Arduino. (What's Arduino? It's a fantastic electronics prototyping platform for everyone). In this video, Massimo covers a lot of ground -- he explains what a circuit is, what several common components are, and how to connect them together using a solderless breadboard.

Want to learn more? Check out Massimo's excellent book, Getting Started with Arduino.

Arduino Video Tutorial 01: Get to know your Tools with Arduino CEO Massimo Banzi (see all the tutorials here)


  1. I just started messing with electronics so this is timely and interesting. And his accent is absolutely mesmerizing. 

  2. Not that many years ago electronic classes were available in many high schools. They have gone the way of shop classes. Districts don’t want to budget the money. The classes at community colleges are vanishing for a different reason. Technical work has been sent overseas. What is left is a need for system troubleshooting which is essentially board swapping. Nothing gets “fixed” anymore and many circuit boards are constructed such that fixing them is close to impossible.

    1. We have a local EE that is teaching an evening course on programing arduino at the high school. I think arduino and raspberry pi are bringing electronics back to the grass roots level. (like the crystal radio kits of my childhood)  I am hopeful. 

  3. Massimo Banzi, where have you been all my life?

    THIS is the for-doofuses electronics intro that I’ve always been looking for.  

    It’s like I’ve learned to see a new color today.

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