Best use of hiccups in a YouTube "for the haters" video, ever

Video Link. We should all be so lucky as to have our very own personal "Cindy" behind our shoulder, to support our internet arguments. As Gizmodo's Joe Brown replied on Twitter, she's a hypemom. It's incredible. Flash that bra.


It reminds me of Li'l J, circa 2008.

(via Robert Popper)


    1.  I believe that where “Cindy” is from, products of a consanguineous relationship are called “smallpox.”

    1. You mean, beyond a depressing commentary on how poor regional economic conditions create poverty and by extension lead to stunted educational growth coupled with substance abuse, such that some individuals are stuck playing out high school dramas into their twenties, and well beyond?

      1. Not to mention an amazingly high mortality rate, leaving literally if I understand correctly, half the family dead.

      2. If you think that rich, cultured, old white people don’t play out high school dramas, you’re not paying attention. They just play them out with much higher stakes, and a nicer accent.

  1. Ugh.  Not only are we from the same town, I worked at the same newspaper they worked at for a while.

    I’ll just go cry in the corner now.

  2. Listening to the message in the way it was intended, versus listening to the message as a form of entertainment: dignity is not what we give, it is what we have, or do not have to give.

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