Do jellyfish hold the secret to immortality, and a cure for cancer?


7 Responses to “Do jellyfish hold the secret to immortality, and a cure for cancer?”

  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    So, um, any word on when the global gel-consciousness with figure out how to use precisely tailored nematocyst-delivered nerve agents to interface directly with the nervous systems of luckless land dwellers that it happens to engulf?

  2. Paul Renault says:

    Does Betteridge’s Law of Headlines apply here?

  3. Meiles02 says:

    Looks like Santa Claus in a monowheel…

  4. Dorkomatic says:

    I think I just lost another sanity point.

  5. Nadreck says:

    We think there was already an Age Of Jellies but it’s hard to tell since they don’t leave a fossil record: like defeated ninjas Jellies just dissolve  upon death.

  6. Jonathan Badger says:

    It is possible to imagine a distant future in which most other species of life are extinct but the ocean will consist overwhelmingly of immortal jellyfish
    This is just eukaryotic privilege. In no conceivable future could jellyfish outnumber bacteria, either in number or in biomass. In the future, as today, bacteria will be the overwhelming majority of life.  And bacteria are just as “immortal” as jellyfish in that they too don’t die of old age.

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