Joss Whedon's extracurricular Much Ado About Nothing gets a release date

That Shakespeare movie that Joss Whedon shot in 12 days (during some spare time while shooting The Avengers) has gotten an official theatrical release date: June 7, 2013. Filmed in glorious black and white, Much Ado About Nothing features several Whedon favorites, like Fran Kranz (The Cabin in the Woods) as Claudio, Alexis Denisof (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as Benedick, Amy Acker (also Buffy) as Beatrice, and Clark Gregg (The Avengers) as Leonato. Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions stepped up to give this movie a chance in theaters so people could actually see it, because poor Joss Whedon is going seriously unrecognized for his cinematic efforts these days. (photo via Ginsberg Libby)


      1. Of course its the Buffyverse, but she was not (ever) in Buffy. Although there were a few episodes where her character was on the opposite end of a phone line.

    1. Black and white. I saw it at TIFF and if I remember correctly Whedon said that his rationale for using black and white was so that he didn’t have to worry about the white balance.

      I liked the Branagh version better but I enjoyed this one. It’s one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.

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