MoMA's new videogame collection


10 Responses to “MoMA's new videogame collection”

  1. Christopher says:

    No pinball machines? Although I guess pinball machines haven’t had the same cultural impact as videogames. 

  2. Jorpho says:

    Good of them to go for some of the more obscure stuff.

    The next step is for MoBA to follow suit.

  3. Dan Hibiki says:

    Canabalt? there’s no Doom, but there is Canabalt… Who comes up with this junk?

  4. Lobster says:

    Those are some good choices.

  5. Schmorgluck says:

    Interesting selection. I don’t know all the game, but most of those I know are some kind of milestone in videogames. Yes, even Canabalt.

  6. mccrum says:

    Paola Antonelli is hardcore balla’.  There is no current curator I respect or admire more.  I heard her talk three years ago about the working 747 that MOMA owns, because they see a plane in a museum as useless compared to one that the audience can actually experience and use.

  7. wysinwyg says:

    Suck it, Ebert!

  8. Royal Rainbow!!!!!!!!!

  9. mrpostal says:

    How the hell do you collect and display EVE Online?

  10. David Tallan says:

    What, no Space Invaders?

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