The heaviest item to qualify for free Amazon Prime shipping weighs 1,672 lbs

MarketWatch wanted to know how many 1,000+lb items in Amazon's database qualified for free Prime shipping. A lot, it turns out, including a 1,672 lb gun-safe (via Consumerist)

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  1. Imagine if you had to return it do to some problem with the product.  Amazon nearly always foots the bill in such cases.  That’s >$2000 on a lost sale.  Also, if it isn’t showing up for you, check the other sellers page.

  2. retrojoe says:

    While it says “PRIME” these safes are typically shipped directly from the manufacturer and the shipping is often built into the price. So I don’t know that this qualifies.

    • Cory Doctorow says:

      The FA describes the fact that there is no discount — it’s cheaper to buy this from AMZN (with free shipping) than from the mfgr itself.

  3. qousqous says:

    I had 72 pounds of salt sent to a friend a couple years ago with the free super saver shipping. The product cost less than $35, so I can’t imagine they made any money after shipping costs. As I remember, it was cheaper to buy 72 lb than only 36 lb (under the $25 threshold) and have to pay for shipping.

  4. Mister44 says:

    Wow – that is a big ass safe. I hope they do more than just deliver it – but park it in the house where you plan to keep it. I remember my dad telling me he almost killed himself getting his into position in the basement – and it is less than half the size of this larger one.

  5. Kaleberg says:

    I’ve bought several lawnmowers – one electric and two gas powered – from Amazon and gotten two day shipping bundled in the price. It’s awfully convenient. We drive a Honda Civic so we’d have to get them delivered if we bought them locally, and the local retailers don’t deliver. They assume you own a pickup truck or the like.

  6. phil hochstetler says:

    Home depot has the same save for several hundred dollars cheaper (and free shipping as well):

  7. James Penrose says:

    There should be delivery details on the listing.  Often this is curbside/tailgate only only.  You want it anywhere else, it costs extra but it’s still cool if you have the capacity to handle it once delivered.

  8. Ang says:

    And yet if you buy a single $24.99 item it won’t waive the shipping fee over a measly penny. I spent more than a penny’s worth of time typing this.

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