Arrested for punching psychic, Lindsay Lohan becomes instant Skepticism movement hero

Troubled famous person Lindsay Lohan was arrested this week for sucker-punching a Florida psychic inside a Manhattan nightclub where Lohan had once been banned. “I need space,” Lohan allegedly declared before slamming her fist into palm reader Tiffany Mitchell, who offered her a free “reading.” Admit it, you Michael-Shermer, Richard-Dawkins reader, you are secretly cheering her on.


  1. To be fair, the news report I saw called her a “former psychic”. What ever that is. Maybe that’s why she didn’t see it coming. :-) 

  2.  I m not sure what this violence has to do with csicop types really. If they are low enough to celebrate an assault then hm, not really good for their cause. (do they really want to get on board with Lohan?) Admittedly it sounds like this card reader was invading personal space but that is hardly all psychics and card readers. It seems that police dept. will continue to sneak psychics into their investigations regardless of the strength of Lindsay’s pipes.

    1.  Well, if it’s against a woman, Dawkins will just tell the victim to go cry about it and be glad she’s not wearing a hijab or undergoing FGM.

  3. As someone who occasionally reads Dawkins and Shermer, I’m kind of bummed out the psychic didn’t slug her back.

    1. As someone who regularly goes online, I’m extremely bummed out that the psychic didn’t nuke her from orbit.

  4. I’m not sure there’s a skepticism angle here. I read it more like: “Violent celebrity punches incautious flake.”

    1. Christopher Hitchens tells a very funny anecdote in “God is Not Great” about a newspaper astrologer who was fired via a letter that began “As you no doubt have foreseen…”
      The skepticism/joke angle is in that same vein.

      1. I got the “should have seen it coming” angle. :)

        But now that I think about it, it would be a wonderful addition to the James Randi challenge if psychics agreed not only to be paid one million dollars if they can prove their paranormal powers, but agree, upon failure, to be punched in the face.

  5. Lohan, allegedly intoxicated by alcohol and cocaine, punches psychic, who, while walking away after being verbally rebuffed (with a racial epithet), said loud enough for Lohan to hear, her opinion on her acting in Liz and Dick, and was then sucker-punched. Either that, or was sucker-punched for talking to a boy band member Lohan had her eye on.

    How is she a hero?

    1.  Florida ‘psychics’, boy band members, coked out tabloid celebs…

      It’s too bad it didn’t turn into a chain of mutual sucker-punchings….

      1. Apparently there was a joke, other than, I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas, that I didn’t get.

  6. I deplore violence, of course, but if superfluous celebrities duking it out with low-level con artists is going to become a trend, I don’t mind fetching the beer while you get the popcorn: “Whoever loses, we win”

  7. In all fairness, LL probably would have punched anyone who entered her field of vision, regardless of their belief in woo.

  8. Oh, ffs. No, I don’t think it’s awesome that Lindsay Lohan punched a psychic. And having contempt for psychics doesn’t make me a Dawkins or Shermer fan… though, given how sexist both Dawkins and Shermer are, I imagine a lot of their fans think that “catfights” between women are HAWT

    1. “I imagine a lot of their fans think that “catfights” between women are HAWT”
      Chemical castration for all!

  9. Lohan might have just as easily punched a chemical engineer or particle physicist, were there any present. Fortunately, there was just a psychic.

  10. Despite my general pacifism, I for one wouldn’t find it too bad a thing if ‘belting offensive wackjobs in the chops is okay’ was cemented in society’s mores…

  11. Skeptics shouldn’t be “cheering on” anyone for punching somebody out, fraud or not. Proving somebody fraudulent is what should earn praise, not violently lashing out.

    I doubt Lohan’s motivation was based on skepticism as well.

    1. I have yet to see a skeptic actually cheering her on. Most are sighing and shaking their heads in confusion over how they somehow got connected to a drugged-out waste of life using physical violence… especially since the story seems to imply Lohan was angry at that individual psychic and it had nothing to do with the victim’s profession.

  12. I’m a skeptic, and stupid violent actions like Lohan’s do nothing to further the cause. Not in my name! As has been said above, I very much doubt she was motivated by skepticism – more likely, cocaine and alcohol. She probably just punched whoever was nearest.

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