Bad taxidermy is good


Stacey Ransom points us to this delightful collection of terrifically bad taxidermy!


      1. Maybe it died from barfing, sneezing and farting all at the same time.  I’m trying to imagine where you would find a cylinder of the right size to serve as the base frame; maybe we’re judging this too harshly, maybe its supposet to be a footstool or something.

  1. They should have left the genitals on that chair-sitting fox. Or faked a set.  Because with that expression and with his paws positioned like that, a be’wanged version would be totally perfect for sneaking onto a shelf or dresser of someone’s bedroom while they were sleeping.

  2. if i didn’t fear my wife murdering me in my sleep for doing so, i would buy all of these. I love it so much.

  3. I really am crying tears of laughter & sadness. Seeing these… Things… Makes me feel more for the animal lives they had… I mean, of all the things to die for…

  4. i like to imagine that this is EXACTLY what they looked like when they were alive and moving, which was why they had to  be killed, mounted,  and kept forever.

  5. Is that Vince on the right corner? I know a Vulpus c***itcus when I spot one.

    They should bring Mongrels back on TV soon! 2 seasons wasn’t enough. 

  6. This one’s from the Museo de La Plata, where I work. It’s supposed to be a vizcacha (Lagostomus maximus), just saying in case anyone wants to google it to see what it should look like :-P

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