Die Antwoord: Ninja and the Parktown Prawn

Amateur entomologist Ninja of Die Antwoord sends Boing Boing this home video of an encounter with a Parktown Prawn. (Libanasidus vittatus), the bug that starred in their recent "Fatty Boom Boom" video. The appearance of this creature in Die Antwoord's very home was interpreted as a cosmic sign that Lady Gaga was in Africa. And indeed, she is, and there's a censorship controversy over Gaga's banning of news photographers from covering her concert in Johannesburg (and her ties to Satan).

Image: Wikipedia


  1. “While the group’s official website describes rapper Ninja as a “fat cash-stackin, hydroskalonic weed-blazing, all kinds of crazy fully-automatic heat-packing, bad-ass rhyme animal“, others remember him as a member of “corporate” conceptual group MaxNormal.TV.” 

    Yes, Mr. Ninja, lecture us some more about other performers’ sincerity.

    1. Pretty superficial analysis. I don’t believe sincerity requires a lifelong dedication to only one means of expression. Nor does it mean that a performance can’t be just that: a performance. Obviously Die Antwoord have adopted personas that are hyper-stylized, but that doesn’t mean they’re facile or disingenuous. Watch any of their videos; their commitment to the performance is wildly obvious. 

  2. It was just about to slip it’s ovipositer into his ear canal and inject the squirming carnivorous cricket larva into his brain.

  3. I have relatives in Johannesburg, and my family there swears they simply emerged from the sewers one day. My aunt’s corgis are expert Parktown prawn hunters. They are constantly bringing injured ones into the house and leaving them about, and then when my aunt pokes them with a broom they move and she screams bloody murder and it’s a party. 

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