How to eat a corn in 10 seconds

how to eat a corn in 10 seconds via reddit's "Learn Useless Talents" section


    1. Thank you for that, i’m french and i just understood “une drille”, never heard of “blé d’inde” before.
      And if anyone cares, we don’t use “drille” in France, it’s “perceuse”.

  1. I prefer that a video that teaches me how to do something in 10 seconds do so in less than 10 seconds. Time’s a-wastin’!

      1.  I’ve had cobs where some very tough cellulose cob part stuck out past the kernels.  That would not be fun to hit at 400RPM.

  2. I suspect the “a” is a translation problem.  I don’t think French has a construction situation like our article-less “How to eat corn”.  They always eat “a bit of” or “a piece of” or “a cup of” something but never eat something without an article or modifier.

  3. Funny, here I’ve been enjoying my food all this time instead of seeing how fast I can cram it in my face.

  4. Okay, but does the drill go on the left or right side of the plate?  Or perhaps above the plate?  Is it ok to provide corded drills for my guests?  Do I need to provide reversible drills for my left-handed guests?

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