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15 Responses to “Imagine a world in which Nicolas Cage is in every movie ever made”

  1. SuperMatt says:

    I prefer to imagine a world in which Nicolas Cage isn’t in any movies.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      He was fine in the 1980s before the fossilization set in.

    • Daneel says:

      I actually like Nic Cage films. There are plenty worse actors out there.

      Adaptation is great. Lord of War is a good film, as are Leaving Las Vegas and Wild at Heart.
      Personally, I really like Red Rock West, Bringing Out The Dead and 8mm too, and for popcorn films there’s not a lot wrong with any of The Rock, Con Air or Face/Off. Nowt wrong with Kick-Ass, either.

      I even like Snake Eyes. Well, the first scene, anyway.

      I’ll grant you, Season of the Witch was dire, even with Ron Perlman in it.

  2. edison_carter says:

    Shouldn’t this be Kevin Bacon?

  3. robotnik says:

    Imagine? I thought he was.

  4. Xploder says:

    Thank you for providing me the fodder for my next few nightmares…

  5. t3kna2007 says:

    I’m watching “Knowing” as I read this.  I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.  It doesn’t mean anything.  People just see what they want see.

  6. ImmortalYawn says:

    I havent seen Nicholas Cage in anyhting for a long time. And even when he was more prominent, it didnt seem like he was in every movie.

    This just seems like youre stretching the truth to post some shitty meme related thing.

  7. Andrew Singleton says:

    Look. Is he Great? No. Is he as horrible as all the jokes and barbs are making him out to be? No. it’s like Micheal Bay. You don’t go to a movie with Nick Cage in it expecting shakespear. Much like with Bay you don’t go in thinking you’ll get class acting and deep plotlines.

  8. Timmo Warner says:

    Nick Cage is awesome in Kick Ass, and the lead in Lord of War is the part he was born to play.

  9. feetleet says:

    I rode Nic Cage hard.