North Korea reports "Lair of King Tongmyong's Unicorn Reconfirmed in DPRK"

Seems legit.

(via @chicoharlan, thanks, @klustout)


  1. There could be actual unicorns discovered in North Korea, and no one would believe them when they tried to tell the world about them. It’d be a wizard’s paradise. They could do whatever they want, reveal their existence to muggles and turn them into goats or whatever, and their existence would never be believed by the rest of the world.

  2. The worst part of this is that they say “history book” instead of mythology. The rest is no different than any of the endless real Western historical sites that have myths associated with them.

  3. Meh. Haven’t a bunch of crazies from various nationalities also found Noah’s Arc, Turin Shroud, Arc of the Covenent loacation, the cave where zombie jebus was born, etc ad nausem?

    One persons delusions are anothers beliefs. Someone prove to me that any of those above or just about anything assoicated with that sort of bunk is any more provable, notable, or realistic than horses with a horn on its head. Heck Narwhales are the unicorns of the sea! If one mammal can do it, logically why not another? Dawin bitches! :)

    1.  “Arc of the Covenent”

      Oh the Christian Ethiopians have it.*

      *they just won’t let anybody but the lifelong appointed caretaker have a peek…..

  4. You have to understand how the North Koreans view King Tongmyong (who, much like King Arthur in the West, may only be vaguely related to an actual historical figure). When a royal tomb was discovered in Pyongyang a couple of decades ago they first concluded that it had to have been the tomb of Tongmyong and then razed the tomb because it wasn’t impressive enough and constructed a new, appropriately glorious tomb for the heroic monarch.

  5. North Korean “news” writers must laugh themselves silly on a daily basis.

    Not even the Weekly World News had this much fun.

    1. I think they sweat daily as they worry whether or not their cute chubby leader will enjoy their unicorn reports.

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