Realistic chocolate baby-heads

The evil bakers at Eat Your Heart Out showcase these custom-made, specially commissioned hyper-realistic chocolate baby heads, suitable for an infanticidal feast. They won't say who commissioned 'em, but I'm guessing whomever it is has plans for a hell of an office Christmas party.

A private commission (that’s all we can say), they are solid white chocolate baby heads, and the same size as the head of your average newborn baby. They also TERRIFY me! As I was tweeting earlier there is something SO disturbing about these heads but I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s as they have no body, or maybe it’s just as they are a baby’s head?!? Either way I am so proud to be heading up a movement which leads to the creation of amazing edible works of art just like these. We’ll be using them in a project very soon I am sure!!!

Hyper Realistic Solid Chocolate Baby Heads! MUST SEE!!! (via Super Punch)


  1. I can’t decide if it would be more or less disturbing if they hadn’t gone through the extra trouble to make the babies caucasian.

    1.  Not sure i understand. It’s white chocolate, making the babies Caucasian would’ve been the easiest thing to do.

      1.  white chocolate isn’t chocolate  (“oh yes it is!”  “nah.”  “yes it is!!”  “it tastes ok, but it ain’t chocolate.  oh, and ketchup must never be put upon hot-dogs/sausage”  “i keelll you now!!”)

      2. White chocolate is to chocolate what non- alcoholic beer is to beer.  It is not chocolate.  It is anathema.

  2. My eyes! I can’t un-see that. Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. I thought BB was a directory of wonderful things. No sweet dreams for me for couple of weeks.

    1. I thought BB was a directory of wonderful things.

      Well, you thought wrong, pal. Since then we’ve gone through A Compendium of Greasy Peccadilloes and moved on to One Big Inbred Fuckfest.

  3. Okay, I don’t even want to touch the things (much less endure the mere thought of chomping on them!!!) but my evil self had to grin at the thought of never getting invited to a frilly shower party again…

  4. “Maybe it’s as they have no body, or maybe it’s just as they are a baby’s head?!?”

    I’m trying to imagine in what way, if any, having the full torso and limbs attached to these things would make them any less creepy…

    1. I’m going to have to go, with absolute certainty, that it is the glazed over, dead eyes that look like they’ve been rotted a day or two. The skin looks rather cadaverous, too.   We’re far too used to seeing images of partial bodies for that to have anything to do with it. 

  5. Ugly babies, bleh. Wasn’t this the idea someone came up with a few days ago with the ultrasound fetus molds? 

  6. Can this be combined with the 3D printing of your baby fetus we saw earlier?


  7. How horrifying. Yes it looks like Kuato.. way beyond uncanny valley and into dead, rotting, half adult / half baby flesh. This is seriously disturbed! If you want to eat zombies go make a mold of your pet or family member, or less problematic your significant other’s thigh, and eat that. But close the drapes first please! God-awful crap. Nothing personal Cory. Once I get beyond the sheet hideousness and wondering about how we get so many people who delight in this sort of thing. It must be a major cultural shift that has enabled celebration of a zombie apocalypse that am constitutionally unable to absorb. I shudder to think of whole cults springing up in the future around the not-ritual devouring of 3d-printed Jesus corpses, voodoo ceremonies against business competitors (could happen at Microsoft!) and tissue-specific organ meat flavoring. Would not be kosher I’m pretty sure. Though if you could print with egg-white foam maybe it could be used in church for the sacrament?

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