The good news is, this world has in it a thing that looks like an elaborate butter-knife, but is really a flintlock pistol. The bad news is, you missed your choice to buy it -- it sold in Sept 2011 for $3750.

This unusual knife/pistol combination has a flintlock pistol as the handle for the knife and the knife the grip area for the pistol. The knife blade is 5 3/4 inch in length with a curved tip (similar to a butter knife) and decorative ricasso with floral scroll engraving. The handle/pistol portion is silver plated with floral scroll engraving. The top has a banner marked "F.X. RICHTER" and the bottom "IN REICHEBERG". The muzzle is coming out of a dragon/serpents mouth. There is a hammer, pan, frizzen and single spring mounted on the right side and the trigger, two springs and a locking mechanism between the hammer and forward spring are mounted on the left side. When the hammer is cocked, the mechanism rotates and the hammer catches a notch and holds the hammer. Pulling the trigger, releases the hammer and the pistol is fired. Due to the fact that the knife is the grip for the pistol, writer assumes there would normally be a scabbard of some sort otherwise firing the pistol could be a little hazardous.

1154 Unique Engraved F.X. Richter Marked Combination Flintlock Pistol and Knife (via Neatorama)