KQED reports on own entry to venture capital space

Apparently Public Media is starting an incubator."KQED's Joshua Johnson recently interviewed Corey Ford, because he's the Matter CEO, and KQED President and CEO John Boland, because Joshua knew where to find him on the third floor. And because he wanted to ask him, you know, what's a nice org like you doing in a space like this?"


  1. So… the next time the public TV or radio pledge drive rolls around, I’m gonna say why should I give you money if you’re just gonna turn around and give it to some for-profit entrepreneur.  This is fucked-up in so many ways.

    1. I was thinking the same thing.  Startups are cool, and so is PBS, but that doesn’t mean they’re compatible. PBS fulfills a certain mission: inform the public without the constraints of pursuing corporate advertising (although the ‘sponsor’ part seems to get bigger and bigger every year).  If this guy can explain how sponsoring an incubator is informing the public, I’m all ears.  Otherwise, this seems a bit off.

  2. “because Joshua knew where to find him on the third floor. ”

    This is somewhat similar to my working thesis on how small time obscurities turn into “trends.”. Some overworked and underpaid junior writer gets an assignment with a tight deadline and has little choice but to write about whomever he/she can find the quickest and easiest.

    It was funny knowing lots of writers in NYC, SF, London, Toronto, etc. where, once you knew them, you realized that the article about “the new burgeoning art/fashion/music/tech scene in neighborhood X,” was really, “I had 24 hours to write an article so I interviewed my roommate, my neighbor, and someone who owns a store/gallery/office/restaurant down the street.”

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