Cards Against Humanity, Against Christmas

Cards Against Humanity, the snarky, funny card game, has done a name-your-price Xmas expansion pack, just in time to blunt the edge on your holiday cheer.


  1. I loved this game and highly recommend it to anyone.  That said, don’t over play it.  “Oprah sobbing into a Lean Cuisine” and “A big black cock” are funny answers to a question a few times, but it loses its charm after a while.  My friends who overplayed it with me tend to agree.

    Get this game.  It is fantastic… just only bring it on special occasions and don’t do any marathon sessions.  You will enjoy it much longer.

    1. The first time I got “Oprah sobbing into a Lean Cuisine” I almost puked laughing. I can’t imagine it never not being funny. You’re definitely right, though – it’s a great game to save for holidays.

  2. Has anyone received their confirmation email? I see my credit card was charged, but no receipt.

  3. yes, received the confirmation yesterday finally – they in fact emailed me back today after my inquiry letting me know that their confirmation emails were massively delayed – you should see it shortly!

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