Creepers gotta creep — for science

In 1938, researchers at Bryn Mawr College published a paper on Egocentricity in Adult Conversations. In order to accurately record the pattern and content of conversations as they happened in real life, the researchers used several methods that would be considered ... sketchy ... today. Among them: Hiding underneath female college students' dorm beds.


  1. It was a Bryn Mawr study, so at least it was ladies hiding under the student’s beds (the study was by Marie and Marian)….

    Yeah. Seventy years later and I could still see this happening. Mawrters are weird. Well except for the IRB issues. Not like that ever stopped science! Or girlfriends.

  2. The same sort of thing continued into the 60s with that Prof. who was spying on surfer kids  like Annette & Frankie in “Beach Party”.

  3. One of those rare times when I see a bit of Welsh on the internet, and subsequently find out that there is very little to do with Wales in the actual story.

    I haven’t googled anything yet, but I assume “Big Hill” College has some Welsh history to speak of?

    1. Not really:

      “Bryn Mawr College is a highly selective, private, women’s liberal arts college founded in 1885. The Graduate School has male and female graduates. It is named after the town of Bryn Mawr in which the campus is located, which had been named by a representative of the Pennsylvania Railroad who found the name in some old records.”

      From wikipedia.

    2. The area was established as a colony by Welsh Quakers in the late 1600s.  Hence local place names like Bala Cynwyd, Merion (from Merionethshire), Tredyffrin, Berwyn, etc., as well as many, many streets with an improbable number of Ls in their names.

  4. I’m just imagining the poor bastard who might have hid under my roommate’s bed just before said roommate went on a 36-hour video game binge, which included no breaks for sleeping or eating.

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