Get married at Denny's


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  1. bcsizemo says:

    Waffle House > Denny’s

    But that’s just my opinion.

    And this is also in Vegas…I mean they have drive thru chapels. Having a chapel in a Denny’s isn’t that much of a stretch, I really wouldn’t even be surprised if someone had one in a strip club.

  2. Christopher says:

    This is only tangentially related, but any mention of Las Vegas weddings always reminds me of Lewis Black’s take on Nevada’s ban on same-sex marriage. I’m paraphrasing, but his comment was that you can drop twenty grand at the craps table then marry a hooker you’ve known for fifteen minutes at a drive-thru wedding chapel, but allowing two people of the same sex to marry would make Nevada seem sleazy.

    Admittedly a wedding chapel in Denny’s doesn’t seem that bad. I wonder, though, if they’ll offer additional promotional options. For instance right now Denny’s is offering a “Hobbit” menu. Can you get Gandalf to preside over your wedding before you go toast the event with “hobbit holes”?

  3. Matt Grimm says:

    In related news, Denny’s new menu item, the Grand-Slam-Thank-You-Ma’am, is trending.

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