Handmade Gravity Falls figurines


NewImageRebekka crafted these absolutely fantastic figurines of characters from my favorite "kids" show, Gravity Falls! "Gravity Falls figurines"


  1. whatsup with any new episodes?  they’ve been hanging on the 13th episode for like ..ever ((yeah yeah, how mysterious))   i hope they aren’t killing it by playing guess-the-schedule like so many other promising series.

  2. David – Thank you for turning on my house to this show.  My 8 year old and 4.5 year old are completely nuts about it — and I no longer have to leave the room to avoid the cloying awfulness of so many other kids shows that they seem to like.

  3. I do like the show, it’s just the noses bring flashbacks to terrible French animation from the 80’s

  4. Such a great show. It’s a real pity how much Disney is ignoring one of the best shows on their entire roster.

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