Los Angeles Makerspace: A Family Friendly Innovation Hub

Great news for LA-based families - Los Angeles Makerspace is here! I'm happy to be helping them in their Kickstarter campaign to get new equipment by conducting an Arduino workshop for the first 20 people who kick in $100 or more.

The Los Angeles Makerspace is a non-profit community space for makers and tinkerers of all ages to create and collaborate. Our mission is to provide a place where kids can learn alongside adults, maker parents can bring their children, and where people of all ages can join in making and learning through creating projects, participating in workshops and taking classes. Makers of all ages can take classes and receive mentorship in software, hardware, electronics, robotics, art, filmmaking, citizen science, bio-tech, eco-tech, wearable-tech, and more!

**Exclusive Class** by MARK FRAUENFELDER and assistant Qtechknow! 'How to Control Things and Make Noise with an Arduino.' Mark is editor-in-chief of MAKE magazine, and the founder of the popular Boing Boing blog. This rewards includes class instruction and all tools and materials. PLUS One Month Family of Four Pass in 2013. *Note: One Maker under 13 free with an adult.

Los Angeles Makerspace: A Family Friendly Innovation Hub


  1. I’ve attended LA Makerspace many times with my kid. We always found it to be fun, amusing and packed with real learning experiences. Nothing like a hands on computer teardown followed by some bot building to keep the creative energies flowing. 

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