Mind-blowing animated GIF


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  1. Paul Renault says:

    Is this what Xeni is talking about with her ‘chemo-brain’?

  2. MollyMaguire says:

    Is that Xeni?

  3. bcsizemo says:

    My father always told me I had a hard head.

  4. Rev. Benjamin says:

    The trend of animated gifs appearing on boingboing pleases me.

  5. mobobo says:

    that sir is rather dem hexcellent

  6. Anne Noise says:

    I look forward to seeing this nine hundred times a day on Reddit.

  7. Funk Daddy says:

    This particular fascinator is why the security was so tight at the Kate n William nuptials.

  8. BarelyFitz says:

    Little Baby’s Ice Cream… makes your head explode.

  9. xzzy says:

    I just wanna know why a greyscale image has dithering.

    Well, okay, it’s more like “vanillascale” but 256 shades of vanilla ought to be enough to get by without dithering.

    • Not using dithering in higher resolution gifs is usually a great way to *ahem* explode the filesize. The image above is 1MB, which probably means that the undithered was a fair bit larger.

      I tested this to see whether I was right – converted it to RGB, blew up (again, apologies) the image to 300% with bilinear filtering, shrunk it down to its original size and saved it with undithered color indexing. Resulting filesize was 3MB. I would guess the actual original would have been around 4 to 5MB. Not horrible, but probably larger than a video of the same resolution. In any case – kind of ruining the snappy load time that makes gifs fun.

  10. lavardera says:

    Reminds me of the space mermaid that stalked Dr. Smith on Lost in Space. “Handsome pretty handsome Dr. Smith…”

  11. Gyrofrog says:

    All it needs is Condi Rice’s voice intoning, “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”

  12. noah django says:

    fuckin’ saved.

  13. Lee Brown says:

    I love the look of constipation on her face after the blast.  Makes the whole GIF for me.

  14. Alex Schneider says:

    Would have been more mind-blowing if they’d had her saying “vagina”.

  15. LogrusZed says:

    I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I stared at the static .gif image on the mainpage trying to have my mind blown before clicking in to the article.

  16.  could you replicate that without FX by blowing up some gunpowder on a steel plate?

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