South Korea's toilet culture museum

The fantastic story of Mr. Sim Jae-duck will not end here, but having his former home turned into a park honoring the hygienic history of toilets is certainly impressive! Reuters shares the story and lovely photos...

The park, located about an hour outside of Seoul in the city of Suwon - otherwise known as the home of Samsung Electronics - centers around a toilet-shaped museum building that was once the home of Sim Jae-duck, founder and first president of the World Toilet Association.

Legend has it that Sim, a former Suwon mayor who made his fortune with a metal products business and was dubbed "Mr Toilet," was born in his impoverished grandmother's outhouse.

"He is a man whose life literally began in a toilet and ended at a commode-shaped house," said Lee Yeun-sook, manager of planning at the "Mr Toilet Sim Jae-duck Foundation".

Sim, who died in 2009 at the age of 70, shot to fame in South Korea when he provided loos for soccer fans when the country hosted the 2002 World Cup.


  1. This is fascinating, I don’t know a lot about Mr. Sim, but I do know he was an extraordinary individual. At first thought, his selection of such a mundane and earthy device might seem odd, but it is a device that has truly made our Modern Life, as we reckon Modern Life  possible. 

    It is true that plenty of people living a modern life get along just fine by using non-traditional toilets such as composting or incinerating toilets…but had it not been for the ubiquity and sanitation of the Water Closet, I’m not sure our society would have been able become technologically advanced enough to create these sanitary alternatives to the Modern Water Closet. 

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