The Buffalo Bill Dance


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  1. BunnyShank says:

    baby otter chaser! baby otter chaser!

  2. Why, bOING bOING? Why?

  3. PhosPhorious says:

    What we need is a unicorn chaser:

  4. Nicky G says:

    The only one of these I have the guts to watch is the Family Guy one, which I am already familiar with. I really like the song Goodbye Horses, and that scene in Silence of the Lambs is a classic moment. But — there’s no way I’m going to watch any of these other videos, no way.

  5. brillow says:

    Some of these are kinda hot.

  6. Wayne Dyer says:

    I still find it interesting that the gruff, mustachioed police captain on Monk was played by the actor that played Buffalo Bill, Ted Levine.

    • Lupus_Yonderboy says:

      I mention that to my wife every once in a while when we watch Monk and he comes on the screen – “hey, remember what he’s been in?” (pulls out phone) “want to see him dance?”

  7. shadywood says:

    I was most impressed by Pinhead’s new twist on the Gangnam Style at 3:07 – a dance-off with Psy would be… yeah maybe not.

  8. realgeek says:

    Haha, Rob you are the devil. Being a SotL fan, however, I almost immediately knew what the title was referencing. Mercifully, I chose not to click.

  9. Roboto says:

    Fez’s Silence of the Lambs dance video is the best!!! Puts the rest to shame!!! Whatley Posse!!!

  10. Tommy Paul says:

     what happened to your penis fezzy

  11. danjadave says:

    It seems only appropriate to mention

    Believe in your dreams.

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