Wonder Woman action figure from 1976

NewImage This is Wonder Woman from Mego's Comic Action Heroes line of 1976. The strangely masculine head on the left was quickly replaced by the one on the right. The unfortunate body style remained unchanged. You can purchase the original mint-in-packaging for around $150 to $200 on eBay. (via SuperPunch)


    1. It’ll turn out that the version of the story where she’s been female all along has been the secret reboot of the Wonder Woman story line, thus covering up the original story of a TS superhero.

  1. Wonder Woman is seen here prepared to battle three of her nemeses: The Bishop, who will be beaten, The Monkey, who will be spanked, and The Chicken, who will be choked.

  2. She’s wearing her bracelets, but they didn’t get painted- giving her fatter wrists. Is it me or does the one on the left look like Harvey Keitel in drag? 

      1. You nailed it- the steely gaze of Oscar Goldman! Or, just a generic face from the “little green army men” mold…

    1. No, “unfortunate” as in it looks utterly bizarre, inhuman, and nothing like any of the Wonder Woman comic character designs.

      1. Looks like a man to me, but not necessarily inhuman. Long arms, top-heavy, broad shoulders. Comments here seem to agree: “man-like” is thus “unfortunate” for a woman. And “superhero-like” seems to fall in.
        That said, there’s never been anything flattering, to toys of either gender, about a closed fist with a cylindrical hole drilled in.

        1. Long arms – check.
          Bandy-legged – check.
          Does she have hairy ears?  She might be Wonder Orc.

  3. Those are *really* short legs. I’ve met a few humans and they have quite different proportions.

    1.  I can’t tell whether those are short legs or extraordinarily long arms. The hands are humungous.
      Maybe the wonder is that the woman has some orangutan blood?

  4. I think I had that figure, if I remember correctly the odd posture is because she was part of set with the Invisible jet. So to get her to fit in the jet and operate the controls she ended up with that weird form.

  5. Does it mark me as irredeemably gender-typical if I find this Wonder Woman less attractive than other Wonder Women?

  6. They all squatted & had that weird right hand that looked like they were jerking off. The figures were great! My fave was Hulk & Spider-Man.  http://www.megomuseum.com/heroes/ca.shtml

  7. Only a dude would be doing that with his right hand.

    What’s the opposite of “child bearing hips” anyway?

    1. Only a dude would be doing that with his right hand.

      I’d ask for the reasoning behind that assumption but I’m afraid the answer would go into TMI territory.

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