Live, online Spider Robinson lecture on writing science fiction


5 Responses to “Live, online Spider Robinson lecture on writing science fiction”

  1. Anna Granfors says:

    I like Spider; would love to hear this, but…

    …seriously, though…TWENTY QUID??! (Plus “fee”?)

    Erm, no thanks.

  2. Cornan says:

     About $32 sounds like a fair price to me since I have never been able to make it to any kind of convention. The sticker for me is the time. I live out west and noon on a work day is going to be hard to pull off.

    • Mark Mandel says:

      From the link, at the very end: “If you really want access to this information but you can not make it to the live session, go ahead and sign up for the session.  Everyone who is signed up for this webinar will be given access to Video and Audio recordings of the entire session the week following the webinar.”

  3. PhasmaFelis says:

    God bless Spider. I hope he makes bank from this.

    Hey, Cory: maybe mention that small matter of the fee in the article, huh? Lot of people are gonna click the link expecting a free show and be put off by the unexpected price. Be honest about it up front and he’ll get more interest.

  4. Mark Mandel says:

    Link? What link? I clicked and clicked on the graphic at the top of the article that says

    [stuff stuff stuff]
    FIND OUT MORE >>>>>

    and nothing happened. Finally I noticed the line at the bottom of the announcement, dark red but otherwise just the same style as the rest of the text, no underline or anything, saying “How To Write Science Fiction with… Spider Robinson (Thanks, Tony!)”… and my cursor pointer turned to the pointing hand on it. Y’think you might PUT THAT LINK ON THE GRAPHIC TOO, just maybe? Please?

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