LOL is pro-Satan code

NewImageThis reportedly viral message generated a great thread on Reddit that I enjoyed while listening to the music of Knights In Satan's Service.


  1. Funny that the message begins with BEWARE, since that acronym actually stands for “Beelzebub, Eternally Watching And Really Evil.”

  2. Reminds me of when I was in (a Christian) grade school and they had a special presentation of how the peace sign was an upside-down broken cross. From then on the peace symbol was banned from the school.

    1. That happened to me – St. Peter’s cross they called it. I pointed out it was a doves foot in a tear drop. They didn’t like that much.

    2. The… Fork. An upside-down Broken Cross?  Christ Almighty. Anything to crack down on those dirty filthy hippies and their preaching of equality and love huh?

    3. And let’s not forget that KISS stands for Knights/Kids In Satan’s Service…  This is as ludicrous as the “controversy” over the use of “picnic”.  

  3. “Share this advice to Christians”

    Why should only Christians be made aware of this? Sounds exclusionary, like a Satan trick.

  4. And you know that there are people who will buy into this bullshit and slap their children for doing it.

    1. That’s one I can get behind. Since for all intent and purpose. Jesus was a hippie. Peace. Love. Turn away from the cycle of violence.

  5. I remember back in 99 (approx. a million years ago in internet communication history) when I first went to university “LOL” coming up in conversation with some Northern Irish flatmates who wouldn’t use it because of an association with Ulster loyalist/orange lodge terminology (which struck me as slightly odd at the time since those particular guys seemed keen on going on about their loyalist inclinations at every opportunity).  To be honest, I hadn’t thought about it again until reading this.  I just done a search (though obviously it’s pretty hard to google anything with “lol” in it) and wikipedia does include LOL as an acronym for “Loyal Orange Lodge” but I’ve never heard of anybody choosing not to use for this reason since then.  Anybody else heard of this one?

  6. “lucifer OUR lord”?
    seems a little sad, doesn’t it? i mean, they aren’t saying lucifer’s THE lord, just that he’s THEIR lord.

  7. Just as cleanliness is next to Godliness, lunacy is next to insanity.  There is no end to the idiotic nonsense this kind of people will believe.  I was once a member of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval reenactment group where people who didn’t fit in normal life would dress up like Dark Ages knights and put on silly recreations of medieval tournaments.  We kept having problems with this one dumbass church group who kept coming by the park and trying to disrupt our weekend practice sessions, yelling that they knew the “truth” – that SCA “really” meant Secret Communist Army, and we were practicing in disguise so we would be ready to fight for the Communist Party in the riots that would happen when civil war broke out because Obama tried to invite the UN to take over our government.

    1. LOLWUT?  I’ve talked a lot of smack about the SCA over the years but that’s something that I’ve never heard.  Pretty awesome, though – you all should have rolled with it.  Bright red armor, use a hammer as your primary weapon with a sickle as your backup, etc.

    2. Was this in Beaumont TX by any chance?  I heard that a group there was dis-invited from a public school assembly because of the supposed occult connotations.

    3. that SCA “really” meant Secret Communist Army, and we were practicing in disguise so we would be ready to fight for the Communist Party in the riots that would happen when civil war broke out because Obama tried to invite the UN to take over our government.

      A judge in Lubbock, TX is also on to you and has prepared the police department with APCs for civil war against Obama’s UN army now that he has been re-elected president. He’s totally cereal, too.

  8. I remember when I was in junior high another kid told me that AC/DC meant Anti-Christ/Devil’s Child. Neat.  And you could see the devil on some of Rush’s album covers. Rush? What a bunch of satanists those guys turned out to be.
    This is in the day when you could spin your records (vinyl as they say now) backwards and hear satanic messages from bands like E.L.O.
    Hahaha, 30 years ago…cute.

    1. Don’t forget KISS:  Knights In Service of Satan, or Kings In Service of Satan, depending on who you heard it from.

      Since these paranoiac christians see Satan everywhere, seems they’re carrying Him piggyback everywhere they go, I guess everybody needs their scary campfire stories, adjusting the narratives depending on your affiliations.

      But for the particular evangelical posture that “everything is satanic except Perry Como and Lawrence Welk”, let’s call it a seventies meme that refused to go away, I’m pointing the finger (middle one) not at the Chick tracts, but at his comic The Crusaders.

  9. Wow, I never knew. I’m afraid to ask what ROTFLMAO means to these guys. Register Online to find Lucifer’s Mad Anal Orgy?

    1. That’s all there is to it? I’ve wasted decades redrawing that damn circle over and over.

  10. My wife has an aunt who thinks LOL stands for “Lots Of Love” and signs off all her emails with it.

    “Uncle Jonty passed away last week – LOL”

      1. Please to explain why we get occasional e-mails complaining that we shouldn’t allow commenters to say ‘FTW’ because it means “Fuck The World’.

      2. My brother signs his emails “LOL” meaning “Lots of Love” and don’t *think* he’s an urban legend. He seemed pretty solid last time I saw him. 


  11. I may as well start writing the “Did you check Snopes yet? No, you did not” response to the first relative of mine who either sends out a chain email or posts this on their Facebook with complete credulity.

  12. This is an example of a certain kind of Christian behaviour that just makes me sad.

    Actually, it’s probably not exclusive to Christians, but that’s the cult I’m most familiar with, so I’ll restrict it to them.

    Instead of taking this as an opportunity to claim the terminology and redefine it to their own purposes, they’d rather bury their heads in the sand and scream about the sky falling.

    Rather than attempting to redefine LOL as something positive, such as to mean “Love Our Lord” (in a christian kind of way, of course), they decide someone else has already defined as something negative and thus the only response is to ban it. Their first response is fear and flight, followed by trying to force others to believe as they do.

    I’d have so much more respect for those Christians if they took that approach less often.


  13. The Hebrew equivalent of “W” is vav, the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. That means the WWW is can only be 666…

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