Mentos horse mask basketball commercial

I desperately want to believe that this horse mask Mentos commercial is actually from a 1992 episode of the Swedish Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as the description says, if only because this is just the kind of baloney that pushes crates of sugar pills. I'd also like to believe that this was made by Mentos's marketing department in a brilliant comeback to the top of the tubed candy industry. However, I think this is actually just some really brilliant independent filmmakers hitting me right in the nostalgia.

Best viewed in 240p.

Mentos Horse Mask Basketball Commercial Thanks Dannel!

Get your own horse mask, because seriously you guys.


  1. I’m fairly sure that Archie McPhee wasn’t selling that mask in 1992.

    Also, it’s interesting that Archie McPhee sells the mask for significantly less through Amazon than from their own catalog.

  2. A pick up game? You’d think they’d play horse instead…


    I love those horse masks. The Amazon reviews and user posted photos are priceless, though I can’t quite bring myself to buy one.

  3. i don’t get the horse mask thing. i mean, i get it’s a THING, i just don’t get WHY it’s a thing.

  4. What’s going on? What’s with these horse masks? Am I missing out on the latest zany internet meme? someone PLEASE clue me in so I can be hep. PS I still don’t know what “lulz” means, so if you can explain that also it would be appreciated.

  5. Part of the memeage of the horse mask may have to do with the mask’s slightly crazed appearance, as if you’re seeing what the kid from Equus saw right before he went crazy with the hoof pick.

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